Understanding what guides us

We are IGT.

Our brand is the spark that drives us. It is who we are and the path we follow to communicate with our customers, our players, and ourselves.

Global Brand Marketing is committed to providing you with the tools you need to deliver the IGT Brand. A successful brand is dependent on being precise in delivery and being consistent in how we talk about and show our brand regardless of format. Our hope is that with Brand Central you’ll find everything you need to successfully deliver your marketing strategies. That said, we look forward to your feedback about how we can improve the site and additional tools you may need. We will be adding to the site regularly so be sure to check in on an ongoing basis.

Understanding what guides us

Our Purpose

Delivering entertaining and responsible experiences for players everywhere.

We see opportunity in change and embrace new technology and create new innovations to ensure we're bringing players the best gaming experiences today and in the future. This is what our customers expect of us and what utilizes our collective strengths.

Understanding what guides us

Our Promise

Delivering unrivaled gaming experiences that engage players and drive growth.

In an ever-evolving industry we believe we’re uniquely positioned to help our customers anticipate what’s coming and to help them grow their business. We see opportunity in change and embrace new technology and new innovations to create new gaming experiences and business opportunities every day.

Understanding what guides us


This is the thread between IGT, our Customers and the Player. When connected, we can deliver world class gaming experiences.

The Values That Shape Our Culture

We are Responsible

We are respectful of others by being personally accountable for achieving our goals, keeping our promises, and following through with our actions. We are reliable and accomplish high-quality work results regardless of complexity, each and every time. We work hard to earn the trust of our colleagues, our customers, our regulators, and society at large.

We are Authentic

We are honest, real people who strive to deliver excellence by showing up as our most authentic selves. We do this through open, transparent, and timely communications. We are open to new ideas and new ways of working to encourage candid dialogue and information sharing. We do this by respecting others.

We are Collaborative

We put the needs of our people first and strive to create lasting and sustained partnerships with our customers – both inside and outside of the organization. We continually seek out new opportunities by building collaborative relationships, listening to the needs of others, and developing, maintaining, and strengthening our relationships.

We are Pioneering

We are innovative, entrepreneurial, and ingenious, blending imagination with pragmatism and determination. We don’t copy; we transform our ideas to create new and alternative solutions that are pioneering and push the industry forward to create value. We continuously learn and develop to maximize our skills and capabilities – and we transfer this knowledge to others.

We are Passionate

Our passion for gaming is paramount to our customers' success and an essential part of who we are. Everything we do, we do with conviction and pride in our work. We are positive and resilient – even in front of change and obstacles. As trusted advisors to our customers, we proactively identify needs and provide solutions for today and the future.